Official Press Release: American Pride (New Album) w Eric Gales... Tim Rockmore Joins Project

Yes it's official I am now working on recording guitar tracks (slide guitar, rhythm and leads) for a new Album featuring blues guitar legend Eric Gales. 

The project is called American Pride by The Ray Freeman Jr Band and will be out sometime next year! Eric's guitar tracks are off the rails! It's really an honor to be a part of it. Other musicians on this record include: Steve Budgie Werner (Ace Frehley, Leslie West Band) and Jason (J Bomb) Harrison on drums (The Sex Slaves with Del Cheeta, and Rachael Lorin Band), monster bassist Dan Horboychuk (Dry Kill Logic), Jay Parmar (guitarist, producer) and Tony C (The Truth Lava / Atlantic Recording artist - signd by Jason Flom) on guitars. Please stay tuned for more news on the new record... Due 2019.


Official Press Release: GUITAR WORLD Feature & Review... Tim Rockmore - Noodles EP

Read the full GUITAR WORLD article and review here.

GUITAR WORLD Magazine features Tim Rockmore's new guitar album in their online edition for October 2018. The article is available in the News section and Featured Artist section and is searchable. 

The review highlights and compliments  Tim Rockmore's songwriting and guitar playing ability and style. The GUITAR WORLD review also mentions Tim Rockmore's contribution to the new up coming album featuring blues guitar legend Eric Gales titled American Pride.

Here are a few quotes from the Tim Rockmore GUITAR WORLD review:

"So many all-instrumental collections suffer from soulless repetition or a 'trying too hard to please' diversity; Rockmore has managed to strike the right balance."

"Guitarist Tim Rockmore is a seasoned pro - a veteran of numerous studio sessions and jingles - and a long-term road warrior. One listen to Noodles, his new five-track EP, makes it clear that he knows his way around a fretboard, not to mention a winning melody. The all-instrumental set covers a wide range of styles, all done with a degree of integrity that rises above the standard 'look at what I can do' approach. Although a broad range of genres are covered, they hang together well, courtesy of Rockmore’s fluid playing." Read the full GUITAR WORLD article and review here.